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Prepare your Image

for Laser Engraving

How to use Imagr in six easy steps

Upload or drag and
drop your photo
into the editor


Crop your photo
to delete every
unnecessary area


Resize your photo
to get your
needed measurements


Add some text
to your images
to make it perfect


Choose your
favorite material
for your image


Download your image
in the needed
file format


You haven't resized your image

Skipping resize can cause issues while processing

If your uploaded image has not already the correct size for your engraving,
and not the correct DPI, you have to resize your image.
It is important to resize the image in ImagR, and not after, since this will mess up the complete imagR dithering,
and you won't receive a good result!

Wrong File Format

Unfortunately we encountered an error!

It seems like you're uploading a wrong file format.
Valid formats are:JPG | JPEG | PNG | BMP
If you uploaded a correct file, then it seems like the image is broken.
Please try another image or contact us here.

File is too big

Unfortunately the uploaded file is too big

ImagR online uploads have to stay under 100MB.
Please make sure your image size is smaller then 100MB and try again.

File already removed

Unfortunately your file already got deleted

ImagR online deletes your file 60 minutes after uploading.
Please make sure to finalize your work within that time to avoid this message.